Best Uses for Recruit® AG FlexPack® bait stations

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Recruit® AG FlexPack® bait station is one powerful tool. Not only can it help you build your business potential, but it also eliminates termite infestations. Learn what makes Recruit AG FlexPack so versatile.

As a Certified Sentricon Specialist®, you have a variety of tools at your disposal. One powerful tool is the versatility of the Recruit® AG FlexPack® bait station and how it can simultaneously help you build your business potential and eliminate termite infestations.

Above-ground, below-ground: using Recruit AG FlexPack stations

Never forget that while in-ground Sentricon® stations offer lasting, proven protection, above-ground Recruit AG FlexPack stations are also key in treating difficult termite situations.

In addition to above-ground infestations and colonies located in areas such as attics, trees, fences and even boats, Recruit AG FlexPack stations can also be used in other scenarios. Underground structures, such as below-surface parking garages, boiler rooms and commercial basements are perfect areas to place Recruit AG FlexPack stations when active termites are found. Unreachable with in-ground bait stations and inaccessible with alternative treatments, Recruit AG FlexPack stations can be placed directly on active mud tubes for spot treatments allowing immediate termite colony access and bait feeding that quickly and efficiently eliminates termite colonies at their source.

Overlooked conducive conditions

Understanding conducive conditions can help you locate termites quickly, allowing you to use Recruit AG FlexPack stations for spot treatments during an active infestation. Standard conducive conditions include high-moisture areas, such as spots near damp wood and standing water. Other high-pressure termite areas include places with ample wood-to-soil contact. If you find these conditions on a property with an active infestation, active termite mud tubes are likely not far away.

Another crucial conducive condition involves airflow. An ideal location to place Recruit AG FlexPack stations is on active mud tubes in a dark, damp area with little to no airflow, such as a crawlspace or basement corner. Placing bait stations in low-to-no-airflow areas with the station properly sealed will increase the likelihood of rapid station hits — an important milestone in total colony elimination that can be shared with customers as soon as it happens.

No airflow, no problem

In the end, the best way to tackle a termite infestation is to think like a termite. Using every tool at your disposal — including Recruit AG FlexPack stations and appropriate knowledge of conducive conditions such as low-to-no-airflow spaces — will help you succeed at eliminating infestations. That success shows up in other meaningful places: reduced customer callbacks, increased homeowner peace of mind, heightened retention rates and, ultimately, more money back in your pocket, month after month, year over year.


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